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FFRP Calls on Florida Delegation to Drop Support for EFCA

June 1st, 2009

Dear Florida Delegation Members Supporting EFCA Legislation:

On behalf of Floridians for Responsible Policy, we are writing today to urge your re-consideration of co-sponsorship and support for HR 1409, the Employee Free Choice Act. This legislation has serious ramifications that go well beyond the stated intent of the bill and could do irreparable harm to some basic worker protections such as privacy, freedom from coercion and equal access.

Under current law, workers get to decide for themselves – in private with a secret ballot – whether or not they wish to join a union. Workers need the protection that a secret ballot offers – protection from undue influence by employers, colleagues and union organizers. Without that basic protection, workers will be susceptible to a variety of unfair pressures both within and outside of the workplace.

We also believe that the binding arbitration provisions of the legislation will potentially disenfranchise workers through forcing solutions on the workplace from arbitrators that have little or no knowledge of the particular industry. Additionally, the perspective of appointed arbitrators will be inconsistent over time as various administrations come and go making workers vulnerable to shifting political winds. This is patently unfair to them and damaging to their workplace.

We think there are other ways that Congress can make workplaces more accessible for elections and empower employees to more openly consider union membership that don’t violate core democratic values and sacrifice basic worker protections. The principles of private ballots and equal protection are fundamental tenets of our democratic system and are far too important to be cast aside as casualties in a battle among special interests.

We know the bill is sure to change as it works its way through the legislative process but regardless of the final version, we hope that you will withdraw your support until these basic values are upheld and the secret ballot is maintained. We have attached our position paper that we hope you will take the time to review. Thank you for your consideration.


Joseph Kefauver, Co-Founder
Roger Chapin, Co-Founder